Join us for the next foundation English class beginning in January 2023!

Sample Course: The Seed

Our Sample Course: The Seed is a trial introduction to our beginner English class for children

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Standard Course: The Acorn

Our Standard Course: The Acorn is an engaging and affordable 6-week foundation English course for children

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Premium Course: The Oak Tree

Our Premium Course: The Oak Tree is a top-quality, personalised English course for children

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About English Language for Kids

English Language for Kids is a fun, creative and comprehensive foundation English programme for children aged 3-7 years old

Created by a passionate and experienced teacher, English Language for Kids provides English lessons for children, by drawing upon more than a decade of experience teaching in Australia, UK, France and Japan, at both senior levels and to young children as a professionally qualified course coordinator, class teacher, literacy specialist, visiting international tutor and au pair.

The programme is derived from a passion for encouraging and supporting children to communicate successfully, while enjoying the fun and achievement of discovering a new language in an engaging, creative context.


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